Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ultrasound, ER, and the Doppler

Let me start this post by saying that the second part of our last post (about our new puppy, Stella) was not written by me...that was written by my dear husband. In no way have I ever thought of putting the twins in a crate!

Steve and I had another ultrasound on Monday (8/24) and it was very quick. She confirmed the heart beats and did a crown to rump measurement on both babies. The crown to rump measurement put both babies at 9 weeks, 1 right on track. Boy, were they bigger than our last ultrasound. The ultrasound tech was not very friendly and I had to request pictures...needless to say, they are a little blurry, but they will do. I was just glad to hear that everything looked, "great!"

Well that was Monday....the rest of the week I began a decline to severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. By Friday, I was unable to keep any food or Gatorade down. I told myself if I woke up on Saturday and didn't feel any better, I would call the doctor. On Saturday morning I woke up after being up most of the night in bathroom, I was still very weak and dizzy, but I was starving. I had Steve take me to get breakfast, which I proceeded to eat, but it didn't stay in me for more than about 5 minutes. I broke down and called the doctor and he said to head to the ER. My mom volunteered to go to the ER with me as Steve had worked all night Friday and had not been able to go to sleep yet. The ER staff were wonderful. They did explain that I should never let dehydration get that out of control again. Right before I was discharged, this wonderful nurse asked if I had heard the heartbeats yet (with a Doppler), which I hadn't. She said she used to be an OB RN and said that at 10 weeks you can "sometimes" hear the heart beat with a Doppler and if I wanted, she would try. I of course said "YES" - I was exactly 10 weeks yesterday (Saturday). It took a few minutes but eventually, we heard the galloping of the babies heart beat. It was very difficult to distinguish between Baby A and Baby B, but we definitely heard hearts beating in different part of my uterus...whoo hoo!! Let me tell you...two bags of IV Fluids and IV nausea medicine, I felt like a new woman last night!

Our next appointment is for our Nuchal Translucency Scan (the ultrasound for Down Syndrome and the Trisomies) on September 14th. Steve and I will pass the time until our next appointment, preparing for our trip to San Francisco with Bob, Erica, and my mom and dad - we leave this Friday! We are all quite excited because while we are down there, we have great seats for the Hall and Oates concert on Saturday. Looks like the twins are going to their first concert...they better learn to like Hall and Oates because their grandpa will surely make them Hall and Oates aficionado's.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Announcing.....Buschbach Twins!!

Sorry for the delay in seems these days I barely have enough energy to get through an entire work day! Steve and I ended up having a few ultrasounds since our last post, but I was hesitant to announce we were pregnant with twins until we made it through a few weeks with no "problems." I am happy to say we have been "problem free" (knock on wood) for the last 2-3 weeks. So, we are officially 8 weeks pregnant with twins and we still are having a hard time wrapping our heads around that...

We also got a new puppy her name is Stella, I figured I needed some practice with something that wakes up early and pees and poops all the time. I think I still need practice. Steve has been working graveyards and I can't handle her in the morning because she has so much energy and I have none, so I leave her in the crate until Steve comes to deal with her. I figured I may have to do this with the twins when they come. I have also noticed that this pregnancy has enhanced my senses and I can smell things from miles away. Puppy's have funny smells... and bad smells.... and their food smells. Long story short, I guess Steve got a new dog as I have yet to claim her due to those smells and her energy. Steve likes her though so I guess we can keep her.