Friday, February 19, 2010

35 Weeks....

Before I update about the girls, Steve and I would like to thank everyone for your kind words, notes, messages, and prayers during the past few weeks - they have really meant a lot to us during this very difficult time. We laid my grandmother to rest and had a very lovely memorial service for her on Tuesday. My grandpa is still in the hospital, but we are hoping that he will be discharged home next week!!

We had our weekly doctor appointment on Thursday and once again, the babies looked great! Our doctor (whom I adore) actually said I could be the poster child for a twin pregnancy. Here are the facts:
  • Both girls passed their biophysical profile ultrasound and non-stress test with flying colors.
  • I am 50% effaced and dilated externally a finger tip. He also said he could feel Morgan's head.
  • Both girls are head down and sitting right on top of my cervix.
  • My fundal height was measured at 39 cm, which was a little small. The doctor did say that could be due to the fact that both girls may have dropped and are low in my pelvis. We have a growth scan next week and will make certain they are still gaining weight and growing.
  • We parted ways by him telling me that I should "STAY OFF MY FEET" if I want him to deliver the babies. He is going to be out of town next week....I really, really would like him to be able to deliver the girls, so I am trying my best to keep my feet up!!

Our next appointment is on Tuesday and the girls will have another growth ultrasound at that appointment (fingers crossed both girls will be estimated to weigh over 5lbs). I think the reality is starting to set in that we are going to have two children sometime in the next 17 days!!


  1. So exciting! It will be interesting to see how we both progress!!!

  2. 35 weeks!! What an accomplishment! I can't believe how small you are! I was measuring full term at 25 weeks! Take care of yourself :)