Tuesday, October 13, 2009

16 Weeks

Wow..this is a long awaited update! So much to report.

Last weekend was my birthday and I must say, the greatest part was waking up on Sunday morning and seeing green instead of brown. The day of my birthday we had a team of friends and family laying 9,000 square feet of sod. We were still 500 sqft short. If you ever have to lay sod, they can only fit 9,000 sqft on a semi. I owe my husband a huge thank you - for the past 3 weeks, he has literally worked day and night installing our sprinkler system. He would get up at 7am starting working in the yard and then go to work from 2pm-11pm. I don't know how he did it, but Stella and I are forever greatful. Here is a pseudo-yard photo... Our terrorist puppy Farihah Hayed Shi Thead al Stella has been busy planting SDD's (smelly doggy doodoos) in our yard and pulling up rolls of sod and shredding them. Good puppy! we still love her though.

On Saturday afternoon, after laying sod all day, we headed to Walla Walla to celebrate my
birthday. We started off at Garrison Creek Cellars for wine tasting and a tour - everyone said the wine was AMAZING, I only got to smell, swirl, and spit. (Of note, my mom even enjoyed the wine!) After wine tasting we went to dinner at WhiteHouse Crawford. If you have never been there, I highly recommend it. The steak was, as Bob and I put it, on the top 3 of all times! Here is Steve and I celebrating my birthday at WhiteHouse Crawford...

In baby news - the doctor says they are doing just fine. I'm now on the every other week doctor appointment schedule, which means lots of trips to Richland. At our last appointment, we got the results back of our Down Syndrome screening and the doctor said the results looked great...nothing to worry about. In gender news, I went prepared to my last appointment to beg and plead with the Dr. to tell me what they were. He explained that the ultrasound machine wasn't that great, but after he got done scanning the babies he did offer up his "guess" to which he said "I think pink." Not sure if that means one pink or two pink; but as we all know, I am still holding out hope for one pink and one blue! At any rate, he will take another look with the portable ultrasound on Monday (10/19) and then I have the big gender/anatomy scan on Tuesday, November 3rd! (this must be quite the ultrasound as it is scheduled to last 2 hours...but Steve and I will enjoy every minute of seeing the babies) Just to clarify, the doctor does a portable ultrasound at each appointment because a fetal Doppler monitor is quite difficult with twins. I leave you with my 16 week belly shot (as Steve says, something must be going on in there because my belly is GROWING)....


  1. You look so cute!!! Can't wait to hear for sure what the babies are so I can start shopping!

    You guys need to have a pot luck so we can all see your beautiful new yard- I say pot luck because the last thing I felt like doing when I was pregnant was cooking. Although, Steve's a pretty good cook so you are lucky there.

  2. I agree with Crystal. I CANNOT WAIT to hear what gender my grandbabies are! Have fun this weekend at the wedding. Congrats to Brianna and JD!!! See you all soon! XXOO

  3. Shouldn't there be a watermelon or perhaps a giant cinnamon roll in that photo????