Thursday, November 26, 2009

An update through photos....

On November 10th Steve and I took a trip to Portland. We had tickets to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert but turns out Elton got a small case of Salmonella and had to cancel the concert. We decided to make the trip anyways and do a little early Christmas shopping. Oh and did I mention buy some things for the GIRLS!!! Yep, we found that we are expecting TWO GIRLS!

The nursery furniture arrives and Sophie and Stella were not sure what to think about the new furniture. (Just for clarification...that is Stella on Steve's lap and the Zerba's dog, JD)

My husband is quite the crib constructor. He put together 4 cribs in 24 hours - 2 at our house and 2 at mom and dads. Yep, grandma Laurie is ready for babies!

On November 22nd mom, Erica, and I hosted a baby shower for Donnie's wife, Meghan. The shower was lovely and Meghan looks fabulous!! We are very excited to meet baby Sophia Grace, due in January 2010.

Meghan, Erica, and I at the shower...notice anything strange about this picture??

Bobby and Erica displaying some adorable "baby goods."

Now for the real you notice anything strange about this photo?? Did you say only one baby - you are right!! Steve and I are super excited to share the news that we are going to be auntie Lexie and uncle Steve in June 2010 - Bob and Erica are expecting!!!

And here she is at 10 weeks....