Friday, March 12, 2010

We're Home!!

Sorry for the delay in say the least, things have been exhausting and chaotic! Let's start with the update on the girls....

Morgan was discharged from the NICU on Wednesday evening (3/3/10) and Sydney was discharged from the NICU on Thursday morning (3/4/10). On Thursday evening, I was discharged from Labor and Delivery and Steve and I moved rooms to stay with the girls in the Pediatric Unit at the hospital. The girls weren't quite ready to go home on Thursday evening. The doctors took the girls off the Billirubin lights on Thursday evening and told us that if their levels remained stable, we would all be going home on Friday. The girls passed with flying colors and we were discharged Friday by lunch time!

The girls are doing really well here at home. We went to the Pediatrician on Monday (3/8/10) and Morgan was almost back to her birth weight, she weighed in at 5 lbs, 8oz. Sydney weighed in at 5 lbs even! The girls are eating every 3 hours and keeping mom, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles very busy changing diapers!

I've had lots of requests to update on how I am doing, so here goes.... I woke up the morning of the C-Section with a slight cough. By Tuesday, I had a full fledged bronchial infection - does not feel very good after abdominal surgery. As the week progressed, I came down with a viral infection on top of the bronchial infection. Needless to say, I felt miserable! Not to mention I was trying to breast feed both girls while they were in the NICU, every three hours, then go back to my room pump, eat, and try to take a nap. By about day 5, I was running on VERY LITTLE sleep. Thankfully, this wonderful RN on the Pediatric Unit offered to babysit the girls during the night shift so Steve and I could get nearly 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep - it was wonderful and much needed prior to discharge. We got home Friday afternoon and I was still battling both the bronchial infection and viral infection, on top of the sleep deprivation. On Sunday afternoon, I noticed that my tongue was going numb and I was having ear pain. By bedtime on Sunday, I went to take a drink of water and it started pouring out the side of my mouth. I called Steve into the room to show him, he said smile and I couldn't. He then told me that he thought I had Bell's Palsy. Sure enough, I do have Bell's Palsy - the left side of my face is paralyzed. My left eye will not close all the way, and I cannot smile or drink out of a's WONDERFUL!!

For now, I'll leave you with a picture of the girls - more to come I promise....

(Morgan on the left - Sydney on the right)


  1. What little dolls you have! I'm so glad to hear that they are doing so well! Wish you were doing the same :( Praying that you heal quickly and can start enjoying your little miracles! Congrats again!

  2. The girls are gorgeous! You will be in our prayers!!

  3. Grandma Laurie is so excited that the headbands are starting to fit. Yeah!!!

    PS I wanna eat em up, they're so cute.

  4. the girls are absolutely adorable. thoughts and prayers are with you Lexie for healthy days.

    God Bless, Kristi

  5. So glad the girls did so well. That is amazing! I hope you get better fast. It is NO fun being sick and trying to take care of babies at the same time. If someone offers to do something so you can rest....Take them up on it. I didn't enough and should have!!!! especially cause you are sick!!! Get better quick

  6. Congrats! I have two month old identical twin girls! SO I love seeing other twin girls! I also like to hear the adventures of birthing twins! I had one in the nicu and one with me, which made things interesting. I can't wait to see more pictures of your beautiful girlies!

  7. Congratulations - and I am so glad you are home!

  8. Sorry to hear about what you are struggling with now:( a friend of mine just
    had that, not good. You are in my thoughts and prayers! The girls
    are adorable!:)
    Kristy Hickman