Monday, April 19, 2010

The Photo Session with Doreen

At my baby shower, I received a wonderful gift from one of my mom's dearest friends, Nikki. It was a photo session with her friend, Doreen. I must say, the pictures are fabulous! Below is a link to the gallery which is open until May 3rd. Enjoy!

Dear "Grandma" Nikki,
We just wanted to send you a special thank you. The pictures Doreen took make us look like baby models and we love them. We also know our mommy will cherish these pictures forever. Thanks for the wonderful gift, we love you!!


  1. Absolutely Amazing! What an awesome gift! I can't imagine how many times you will watch that slideshow when they're older! Makes me miss my tiny little girls. Enjoy them! They are just precious!

  2. I love it! The music is perfect too! I had a wonderful photo session when my girls were two weeks old...they are three months old now and I already am cherishing it! I forget, are your girls identical, or fraternal? Ours are supposedly identical, but I have trouble believing it unless they are asleep...we may follow up with dna testing just for curiosity sake!

    your girls are growing so well! Mine were larger at birth (6'11, and 5'10) but are slow growers and are 10 pounds even and 10'14 at three months. The good news is that they get to wear all of their clothes! My older boys never wore newborn clothes and rarely the 0-3 month size!

    Enjoy those girls! I know you are!

  3. Lexie....The pictures are precious. I just love those girls so much. Morgan looked like she was being such an angel that day!!!!


  4. AND --- we love you too!!! I love all the pictures, I call Doreen the "baby whisperer"!! Course she did have the two cutest little girls in the world to work with!!

  5. Beauiful pictures. They turned out so good. I don't know which is which but one of them reminds me of your dad so much. They are just so adoreable...hard to choose which pictures to order when they all turned out so good!!