Saturday, May 29, 2010

2 Months

Wednesday, May 5th was your two month checkup. Wow, have time is flying by!! Here's what's new....


Weight: 8lbs 3oz, 2%

Your development continues to be right on track. You started smiling more socially and you are holding your head up a little better. The doctor was a little concerned that you are not gaining weight quite as fast as they would like to see. He asked mommy to start putting a teaspoon of formula in your bottles of breastmilk. This will give you a few extra calories and hopefully help you start gaining weight a little faster. Today your vaccinations included two shots (one in each leg) and a to drink that you didn't seem to mind at all. The doctor is going to have you come back in a couple of weeks to have a weight check to see if the formula is helping you gain weight any faster. Here are a few highlights from month two....

  • Wearing newborn size diaper
  • Wearing newborn size clothes (grandma tried 0-3 months, but you were SWIMMING in them)
  • You are smiling socially.
  • You are starting to make cooing noises.
  • You are sleeping from about 10pm until 5am!! (mommy and daddy are VERY happy about this)
  • You have found your hands and love to suck on your fingers.
  • Grandpa Dan calls you the ceiling inspector because you have a real fascination with the ceiling!
  • You love to mimic sissy's crying but you don't quite have the lungs she does. Your cry is quite cute.
  • Drum roll rolled over for the first time on Sunday, May 9th (2 months old)!

Weight: 9lbs 9oz

The doctor gave you a glowing review! You are a healthy, growing, and meeting all of your developmental milestones. You did get a bit of a cold, but that is to be expected because all of the adults around you were sick (daddy, Auntie Erica, grandpa, and grandma). It didn't last long and you still slept like a champion! You also got 2 shots in your leg and the nurse was quite impressed when you sucked down the 3rd vaccination (the drink) in a matter of seconds! Here are a few highlights from month two....
  • Wearing size 1 diapers.
  • Wearing newborn and a few 0-3 month clothes.
  • You are smiling socially.
  • You make very cute cooing noises.
  • You have definitely found your hands and you love to chew on them!
  • You have a little bit of a temper - if you are mad or hungry, you let it be known!
  • You do not like tummy time!
  • You are drinking 4-5 oz every 4-5 hours.
  • You are have some real stinky gas and can actually clear a room (daddy thinks it is quite impressive)!
  • You are sleeping from 10pm until 5am (mommy and daddy think you would sleep even longer but sissy wakes up and needs to eat)!!

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  1. GOOD job mama!! Sounds like things are just moving right along for you guys! You are going to Love that you wrote all this down!