Saturday, July 3, 2010


I know it's been a while since I posted, I apologize. Between work, the girls, and keeping up the house, I NEVER seem to have time to do anything I want to do. At any rate, I have a quick minute this morning (the girls are napping) before we head out with my parents for a little boating and BBQing and wanted to share a picture. I am very excited to say my palsy is finally starting to heal!!! Slowly I am regaining function of my face. I honestly can't put into words how excited I am or how hard the last three months have been. As many of you know, I didn't allow anyone to take pictures of me for nearly the first three and a half months the girls were born, but last weekend at church I decided I was finally ready to take a family picture. I feel blessed that I am starting to heal and even more blessed that I finally have a family photo to share. Its not perfect, but it will do!!

(Steve is holding Sydney and I'm holding Morgan)


  1. Grandma Laurie thinks the girls look so beautiful in their pretty dresses that Great Grandma Pat got them! (...and their parents look good too!)

  2. Lexie,
    I think this is precious. Thanks for sharing! You look amazing! I loved all of the photos of your 4th celebration. The girls are so adorable.

  3. Lexie, I love this picture, and you look beautiful! I just have to say you are truly an inspiration to me. You have been so positive through this whole experience, I don't think many would have handled it as well as you have. I know you missed out on family pics with the girls for their first 3 months of life but I would love to take your family pics whenever you are ready, just say the word. I love you!!