Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fertilization Report

I must say....god bless my husband and family, because I was a MESS today!

Yesterday at our egg retrieval, both the doctor and the nurse told Steve and I that the office would call us the very next morning to give us a fertilization report (ie, how many of the 13 eggs retrieved were mature, and how many they were able to fertilize). Steve reassured me when I woke up at 7am that most likely they wouldn't call until mid-morning (he thought around 10:30), when mid-morning came and passed, I started to get more and more anxious. By 12pm, it was no longer morning, so I called the office myself, my call was put through to the answering service and they assured me that they would get the on-call physician my message and someone would call us back shortly. By 2:30pm, I was in a full on panic, crying, the whole nine yards. When just about all hope was gone, my phone rang at 2:54pm and it was the clinic!

The fertilization report is in.....of the 13 eggs retrieved, 11 were mature, of those 11 mature eggs, 7 were able to be fertilized. So, Steve and I OFFICIALLY have 7 embryo's growing in the lab - please, oh please grow little embies!! Per the doctor who called today, the clinic will be calling us tomorrow morning to let us know if we are going to do a 3 day transfer (Tuesday) or a 5 day transfer (Thursday) - I must mention....Steve's birthday is on Wednesday, what an amazing birthday gift this would be!!

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  1. Not quite octomom but close! Can't wait to hear when they are doing the transfer! Love you,