Monday, July 13, 2009

The Waiting Game..... by Steve

Its been 4 days since the embryo transfer and we are waiting impatiently until the day when the blood test can be done to see if we are still progressing along as scheduled. We will update after pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound in about 3 weeks. Lexie is a little anxious but is coping well. Steve has been cleaning the house constantly because the wind storm we have been having blows sand into the house. If anyone wants to bring over some dirt bikes we can go jump the sand dunes on our back patio. The bathrooms needed to be freshened up so he took care of that as well. What a wonderful husband. He is the greatest ever.


  1. Wow! How do you teach a husband to clean??? PS Where are the pictures from my card?

  2. Steve, dearest nephew-in-law, I just read about your love of being a "domestic God." Will you come over and take care of my house while we're in Denver? The Plants need to be watered daily. If it's really hot, they'd like water twice a day...The fish enjoy morning and evening feedings. Maxx likes cold pizza, spaghetti and bean burritos along with his usual birdseed. He likes fresh water twice a day, with ice if it's sunny. Can you fit all of this in between your housework and cooking???
    Your Favorite Aunt, .....