Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Transfer Scheduled

Steve and I received a call from the clinic this afternoon with an update on our embryo's. We still have 7 embies growing in the lab...yeah!! Then the nurse gave me my instructions for the embryo transfer. Here are the highlights:

We are to arrive at the clinic at 10am and I should promptly empty my bladder. I will then need to drink 32 oz of water between 10 and 10:30am (no chugging). For those who are wondering - the water intake is necessary because they do an abdominal ultrasound prior to the transfer and when your bladder is full, they get a better view of your uterus. I also decided to do acupuncture before and after the transfer (offered by the clinic) - not sure how I am supposed to drink my 32 oz of water and get acupuncture at the same time, I guess we will see. After the acupuncture session, we will meet with the Doctor and the Embryologist and they will make their recommendations about which embryo(s) to implant. After we are implanted, I will have another short acupuncture session and then we are sent home to rest and hope it works!!

Tomorrow is Steve's birthday, how exciting that its the day before our transfer! At least I will have something to look forward to and help pass my time tomorrow, as I'm sure I'll be a ball of nerves!!

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